In-Game Comparison Report for Lunaticia

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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Location Have?
158 Crooked Politician Exploration Bloody Bay Verified
159 All Consuming Exploration Bloody Bay Verified
160 Imploding Exploration Bloody Bay Verified
161 Ghoulish Exploration Bloody Bay Verified
162 Sparky Exploration Cap Au Diable Verified
163 Media Junky Exploration Cap Au Diable Verified
164 Egghead Exploration Cap Au Diable Verified
165 Steamed Exploration Cap Au Diable Verified
166 Sweet Tooth Exploration Cap Au Diable Verified
167 Overlord Exploration Grandville Verified
168 Sewer Dweller Exploration Grandville Verified
169 Guttersnipe Exploration Grandville Verified
170 Master of the Airwaves Exploration Grandville Verified
171 Cesspool Exploration Mercy Island Verified
172 Snake Charmer Exploration Mercy Island Verified
173 Chum Exploration Mercy Island Verified
174 Fortified Exploration Mercy Island Verified
175 The Next Big Thing Exploration Mercy Island Verified
176 Widower Exploration Mercy Island Verified
177 Watcher on the Knoll Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
178 Locked and Loaded Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
179 Nerva Wreck Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
180 Primal Instinct Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
181 Tree Hugger Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
182 Scurvy Dog Exploration Port Oaks Verified
183 Washed Up Exploration Port Oaks Verified
184 Powder Monkey Exploration Port Oaks Verified
185 Driller Exploration Port Oaks Verified
186 Globetrotter Exploration Recluse's Victory Verified
187 Ragnarok Exploration Recluse's Victory Verified
188 Dark Victory Exploration Recluse's Victory Verified
189 Last Stand Exploration Recluse's Victory Verified
190 Razor Toothed Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
191 Forged by Hellfire Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
192 Freak of Nature Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
193 Pit Viper Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
194 Hangman Exploration Siren's Call Verified
195 Politician Exploration Siren's Call Verified
196 Broad Shoulders Exploration Siren's Call Verified
197 Piratical Exploration Siren's Call Verified
198 Deuces Wild Exploration St. Martial Verified
199 Crimelord Exploration St. Martial Verified
200 Stonekeeper Exploration St. Martial Verified
201 Camel Snot Exploration St. Martial Verified
202 Jail Bird Exploration Breakout Verified
203 Weapon of Mass Destruction Exploration Warburg Verified
204 Tunnel Rat Exploration Warburg Verified
205 Triumphant Exploration Warburg Verified
245 Global Threat Exploration Atlas Park (Mayhem) Verified
246 King Maker Exploration Kings Row (Mayhem) Verified
247 Road Raged Exploration Skyway City (Mayhem) Verified
248 Steel Worker Exploration Steel Canyon (Mayhem) Verified
249 Tyrannical Exploration Independence Port (Mayhem) Verified
250 Talon of Talos Exploration Talos Island (Mayhem) Verified
251 Brickhouse Exploration Brickstown (Mayhem) Verified
252 Anarchist Exploration Founders' Falls (Mayhem) Verified
253 Gate Crasher Exploration Peregrine Island (Mayhem) Verified
347 Escape Artist Exploration Faultline Verified
348 Drowned Rat Exploration Faultline Verified
349 Old Fashioned Exploration Faultline Verified
350 Egg Hunter Exploration Faultline Verified
359 Hate of the City Exploration Atlas Park (Safeguard) Verified
360 King's Capriciousness Exploration King's Row (Safeguard) Verified
361 Rage Driven Exploration Skyway City (Safeguard) Verified
362 Freedom's Crusher Exploration Steel Canyon (Safeguard) Verified
363 Dishonorable Captain Exploration Independence Port (Safeguard) Verified
364 Talos' Blight Exploration Talos Island (Safeguard) Verified
365 Weak Point Exploration Brickstown (Safeguard) Verified
366 Founders' Invader Exploration Founders' Falls (Safeguard) Verified
367 Keymaster Exploration Peregrine Island (Safeguard) Verified
394 Cage Fighter Exploration Pocket D Verified
395 Big Time Exploration Pocket D Verified
403 Trucker Exploration Pocket D Verified
421 Reborn Exploration The Abyss Verified
422 Geneticist Exploration The Abyss Verified
489 Vanguard Operative Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
490 Trespasser Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
491 Powerful Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
492 Lifesaver Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
493 Under Fire Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
494 Base Jumper Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
495 Homewrecker Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
496 Luscious Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
497 Junkyard Dog Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
498 Scarred Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
499 Asunder Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
500 Unabashed Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
501 Eyewitness Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
613 Chrononaut Exploration Flashback Verified
669 Depths of Time Exploration Cimerora Verified
671 Midnighter Club Member Exploration Cimerora Verified
769 Thrill Seeker Exploration All MA Buildings Verified
936 First Rule Exploration Mercy Island Verified
937 Tiki Fan Exploration Mercy Island Verified
939 Long Walk Exploration Port Oaks Verified
940 Big Spider Exploration Port Oaks Verified
941 Commuter's Woe Exploration Port Oaks Verified
942 Hidden Getaway Exploration Port Oaks Verified
944 Doom Sayer Exploration Cap au Diable Verified
945 Master of Science Exploration Cap au Diable Verified
946 Circle Gazer Exploration Cap au Diable Verified
948 Sky Chaser Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
949 Unwelcome Guest Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
950 Sky Trader Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
951 Carping the Diem Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
953 Unethical Tourist Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
954 Blind Eye Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
955 Soother Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
957 Dead Man's Tree Exploration St. Martial Verified
958 Slumlord Exploration St. Martial Verified
959 Infamous Rubble Exploration St. Martial Verified
960 Showstopper Exploration St. Martial Verified
962 Passing Fab Exploration Grandville Verified
963 Image Crasher Exploration Grandville Verified
964 Line Holder Exploration Grandville Verified
965 Gutter Bait Exploration Grandville Verified
967 Edge of Chaos Exploration Atlas Park Verified
968 Observant Exploration Atlas Park Verified
970 Graffiti Communicator Exploration The Hollows Verified
971 Circle Seeker Exploration The Hollows Verified
972 Ironic Exploration The Hollows Verified
974 Galactic Fan Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
975 Eye of the Gemini Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
976 Orion's Belt Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
978 Wentworth History Buff Exploration Kings Row Verified
979 Pwned Exploration Kings Row Verified
980 Man of Vengeance Exploration Kings Row Verified
982 Dance Legend Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
983 Controversial Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
984 Pet Project Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
985 Dirty Attorney Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
987 Better Days Exploration Skyway City Verified
988 Room for Expansion Exploration Skyway City Verified
989 Left Behind Exploration Skyway City Verified
990 Bridge to Nowhere Exploration Skyway City Verified
992 Barrier Holder Exploration Croatoa Verified
993 Sally Sightseer Exploration Croatoa Verified
994 Jack's Wrath Exploration Croatoa Verified
995 Waylon's Observer Exploration Croatoa Verified
996 Midnighter's Perseverance Exploration Croatoa Verified
998 Last Line of Defense Exploration Talos Island Verified
999 The Old Me Exploration Talos Island Verified
1000 Bridge Holder Exploration Talos Island Verified
1001 Overtime Worker Exploration Talos Island Verified
1002 Spanky's Competitor Exploration Talos Island Verified
1004 Air Lifter Exploration Independence Port Verified
1005 Dead End Exploration Independence Port Verified
1006 Family Partier Exploration Independence Port Verified
1007 Connector Exploration Independence Port Verified
1008 Unlucky Exploration Independence Port Verified
1010 Barely Contained Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1011 Losing Paradise Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1012 Watchful Eyes Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1013 Hamidon's Fury Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1014 Founders' Loss Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1015 Misunderstood Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1017 Flying Shark Exploration Brickstown Verified
1018 Fugitive Exploration Brickstown Verified
1019 Forward Thinker Exploration Brickstown Verified
1020 Secret Path Exploration Brickstown Verified
1021 Sixth Passenger Exploration Brickstown Verified
1022 Unsubtle Exploration Brickstown Verified
1024 Rookie's Mistake Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1025 Cause for Concern Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1026 Genetically Altered Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1027 Rikti Gone Wild Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1028 Shades of Arachnos Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1029 All-Seeing Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1030 Dark Omen Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1086 Ambitious Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1087 Citizen Cole Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1088 Civic Minded Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1089 Guardians of Justice Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1090 Into the Wild Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1091 Technophile Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1092 Un-Civil Society Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1093 On the Waterfront Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1095 Gold Digger Exploration Imperial City Verified
1096 Mercy Missionary Exploration Imperial City Verified
1097 Park Ranger Exploration Imperial City Verified
1098 Praetorian of Privilege Exploration Imperial City Verified
1099 Seen Exploration Imperial City Verified
1100 Seer Exploration Imperial City Verified
1101 Tiberian Overseer Exploration Imperial City Verified
1102 Tuned In Exploration Imperial City Verified
1104 Clockwork Mechanic Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1105 Disappeared Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1106 Ferryman of the Damned Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1107 Morbid Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1108 Secret Prisoner Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1109 Trainspotter Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1110 Urban Spelunker Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1111 Warrior at the Gate Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1113 Broken Mind Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1114 Condemning Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1115 Engineer Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1116 Eyes of the Dark Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1117 Hoarder Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1118 Lowlife Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1119 Silent Witness Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1120 Underground Explorer Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1122 Airlift Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1123 Don't Drink It Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1124 Eyes to the Future Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1125 Longshoreman Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1126 Moar Power Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1127 Stockpiling Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1128 Stuff of Life Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1129 Urban Renewal Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1131 Binge Eater Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1132 Cluttered Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1133 Drink Enriche! Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1134 Grade F Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1135 Keeping the Lights On Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1136 Ready for Anything Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1137 Nailbiter Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1138 The New Boss Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1140 River Rat Exploration Multiple Locations Verified
1141 Rail Rider Exploration Multiple Locations Verified
1142 Going Rouge Exploration Imperial City Verified
1348 Nebula's Memory Exploration Perez Park Verified
1349 Blood Moss Exploration Perez Park Verified
1350 Ophelia's Final Scene Exploration Perez Park Verified
1351 Towering Inferno Exploration Boomtown Verified
1352 Boomtown Troglodyte Exploration Boomtown Verified
1353 End of the Line Exploration Boomtown Verified
1354 Corpse Box Exploration Boomtown Verified
1355 Whisperer on Witchburn Hill Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1356 Phantom Radio Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1357 Too Dark Park Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1358 Astoria's Last Stand Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1359 The Sleeper Below Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1360 The Wolf's Snarl Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1361 Words of the Warrior Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1362 The Unnamed Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1363 The Wolf's Maw Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1364 Vampyri Watcher Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1365 Eyes of Nemesis Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1366 Hammer of the Rikti Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1367 Veni, Vidi, Vici Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1368 Crey Cares Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1369 Freak's Folly Exploration Creys' Folly Verified
1370 Cirque du'Freak Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1371 Defying Gravity Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1372 Dimensional Sojourner Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1373 Stormwatcher Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1374 Alpha Ranger Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1375 Shadow Architect Exploration Friebase Zulu Verified
1376 X-Ray Spectator Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1377 Dancer with Death Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1378 Shard Leaper Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1379 Castaway Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1380 Peace Walker Exploration Casecade Archipelago Verified
1381 Being and Nothingness Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1382 Hearing Voices Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1383 Liquid Memory Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1384 Usurper of Worlds Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1385 No Turning Back Now Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1386 The Heart of Memory Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1387 King of Pain Exploration The Chantry Verified
1388 Unfettered Exploration The Chantry Verified
1389 Penitent Exploration The Chantry Verified
1390 Misbegotten Exploration The Chantry Verified
1391 Bereaved Exploration The Chantry Verified
1392 Dispossessed Exploration The Chantry Verified
1393 Red Fog Exploration The Chantry Verified
1394 Demiurge Exploration The Chantry Verified
1395 Boomtown Refugee Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1396 Hades Aspirant Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1397 Secret of the City Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1398 Sprawl Survivor Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1399 The Underlord Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1400 From Beneath You Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1401 Living Dark Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1402 Persephone Supplicant Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1403 Spirit of the City Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1404 Plutonian Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1405 Baumton Avenger Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1406 Sewer King Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1407 Sewer Stalker Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1408 Downward Bound Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1409 Terror of the Vahzilok Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1410 Seeker of the Lost Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1411 Guardian of the Volts Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1412 Danger! Danger! Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1413 Scrapheap of History Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1414 Power Walker Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1415 High Voltage! Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1416 Call of Nature Exploration Eden Verified
1417 Nature's Wrath Exploration Eden Verified
1418 Natural Law Exploration Eden Verified
1419 The Devouring Earth Abides Exploration Eden Verified
1420 Hive Mind Exploration Eden Verified
1421 Natural Selection Exploration Eden Verified
1422 Babe in the Woods Exploration The Hive Verified
1423 The Wounded Earth Exploration The Hive Verified
1424 Wild At Heart Exploration The Hive Verified
1425 Among the Giants Exploration The Hive Verified
1426 The Sound of Thunder Exploration The Hive Verified
1427 Forest of Stone Exploration The Hive Verified
1428 Courting Madness Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1429 Acolyte of Anger Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1430 Malice Aforethought Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1431 Tormented Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1432 Hate Machine Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1433 Fist of Fury Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1434 Eve of Destruction Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1435 Lord of Storms Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1436 Here Be Dragons Exploration The Abyss Verified
1437 Caged Beast Exploration The Abyss Verified
1438 No Escape Exploration The Abyss Verified
1439 Hamidon's Ire Exploration The Abyss Verified
1440 The Tree of Woe Exploration The Abyss Verified
1441 Abyssal Gaze Exploration The Abyss Verified
1442 Monster Islander Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1443 The Roar of the Beast Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1444 Rikti Monkey Island Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1445 Monsters' Playthings Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1446 Dark Garden Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1447 Grim Fandango Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1448 Misfit Monstrosity Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1449 Monster Factory Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1646 Head of the Hydra Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1647 Undefeated Exploration Atlas Park Verified
1648 Silent Sentinel Exploration Atlas Park Verified
1649 Hero Corps Infiltrator Exploration Atlas Park Verified
1650 International Spy Exploration Atlas Park Verified
1651 Top Dog Exploration Atlas Park Verified
1652 Covert Operator Exploration Atlas Park Verified
1653 Shady Exploration Black Shroud Dimension Verified
1654 Phalanxer Exploration Boomtown Verified
1655 Regal Exploration Boomtown Verified
1656 Vision of Despair Exploration Boomtown Verified
1657 Destined for Valhalla Exploration Boomtown Verified
1658 Mystic Exploration Brickstown Verified
1659 Inmate Exploration Brickstown Verified
1660 Crey Watcher Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1661 Burning the Midnight Oil Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1662 Dark Mystic Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1663 Seeker of the Unknown Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1664 Cairn Warder Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1665 Crey Fish Exploration Eden Verified
1666 Unspoiled Exploration Eden Verified
1667 Undammed Exploration Faultline Verified
1668 Newsman Exploration Faultline Verified
1669 Faultless Mystic Exploration Faultline Verified
1670 Apex Exploration Faultline Verified
1671 Foggy Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1672 Chaotician Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1673 Bird Watcher Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
1674 Blue Shield Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
1675 Brawler Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
1676 Tank Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
1677 Land Locked Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
1678 Parapsychologist Exploration The Hollows Verified
1679 Seeker of Monsters Exploration The Hollows Verified
1680 Geologist Exploration The Hollows Verified
1681 Backwoodsman Exploration The Hollows Verified
1682 Gangland Fury Exploration The Hollows Verified
1683 Multidimensional Exploration Hydra Dimension Verified
1684 Crey Havoc Exploration Independence Port Verified
1685 Valorous Exploration Independence Port Verified
1686 Vigorous Exploration Independence Port Verified
1687 Summoned Exploration Kings Row Verified
1688 Upgraded Exploration Kings Row Verified
1689 Mystic King Exploration Kings Row Verified
1690 Keen Sighted Exploration Kings Row Verified
1691 Smokey Exploration Kings Row Verified
1692 Portal Parter Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1693 Territorial Exploration Perez Park Verified
1694 Avatar Exploration Perez Park Verified
1695 Around the Bendis Exploration Perez Park Verified
1696 Doc Whedon Exploration Perez Park Verified
1697 Social Climber Exploration Perez Park Verified
1698 Ace Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
1699 Defiler Exploration Skyway City Verified
1700 Solace Exploration Skyway City Verified
1701 Dauntless Exploration Skyway City Verified
1702 Healing Node Exploration Skyway City Verified
1703 Secret Admirer Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
1704 Hero Corps Reject Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
1705 Nimble Mynx Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
1706 Bright Star Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
1707 Super Spy Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1708 Sea Dog Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1709 Vulcanologist Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1710 Minotaur Exploration Talos Island Verified
1711 Eco-warrior Exploration Talos Island Verified
1712 Whitecap Exploration Talos Island Verified
1713 Conjunction Junction Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1714 Meltdown Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1715 Nervous Dreck Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1716 Time Bandit Exploration The Hive Verified
1717 Heart of the Hamidon Exploration The Hive Verified
1785 Dearly Departed Exploration First Ward Verified
1786 Eye of the Vortex Exploration First Ward Verified
1787 Fearless Insurgent Exploration First Ward Verified
1788 Shell Shocked Exploration First Ward Verified
1789 Mayhem's Prodigal Exploration First Ward Verified
1790 Shadow Walker Exploration First Ward Verified
1791 Vengeance Seeker Exploration First Ward Verified
1792 Witness for the Fallen Exploration First Ward Verified
1859 Folly's Victim Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1860 Palace of Stone Leaves Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1861 Auspice Avernus Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1862 Death's Head Supplicant Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1863 Walker on the Profane Ascent Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1864 Witness of Oaths Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1865 Life Out of Death Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1866 Of Things Unclean Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1908 Nocturnal Pilgrim Exploration Night Ward Verified
1909 Happy Camper Exploration Night Ward Verified
1910 House Hunter Exploration Night Ward Verified
1911 Abandoned Soul Exploration Night Ward Verified
1912 Dead But Dreaming Exploration Night Ward Verified
1913 Follow the Light Exploration Night Ward Verified
1914 Monolithic Exploration Night Ward Verified
1915 Stargazer Exploration Night Ward Verified
1969 Grim Wanderer Exploration Croatoa Verified
1970 Spiritual Exploration Croatoa Verified
1971 Ensorcelled Exploration Croatoa Verified


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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Have?
133 Lorekeeper History Verified
134 Technofreak History Verified
135 Swashbuckler History Verified
136 Arachnos Rising History Verified
698 Midnighter Archivist History Verified
1143 Starstruck History Verified
1145 Headjuiced History Verified
1616 Pupil History Verified
1617 Student History Verified
1618 Scholastic History Verified
1619 Authority History Verified
1620 Disciple History Verified
1621 Expert History Verified
1622 Academic History Verified
1623 Intellectual History Verified
1624 Savant History Verified
1625 Researcher History Verified
1626 Historian History Verified
1627 Just Said No to Superadine History Verified
1628 Scholar History Verified
1629 Digger History Verified
1630 Ghost Hunter History Verified
1794 The Last Word History Verified
1972 Alumnus History Verified


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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Category Have?
2 Servant of Recluse Accomplishment Strike Force Verified
5 Binder of Beasts Accomplishment Strike Force Verified
6 Air Pirate Accomplishment Strike Force Verified
7 Leviathan Accomplishment Strike Force Verified
8 Crystal Keeper Accomplishment Strike Force Verified
9 Plague Carrier Accomplishment Mission Verified
10 Mask Maker Accomplishment Mission Verified
11 Stone Cold Accomplishment Mission Verified
12 Bone Collector Accomplishment Mission Verified
13 Paragon of Vice Accomplishment Mission Verified
14 Seaweed Accomplishment Mission Verified
15 Strikebreaker Accomplishment Mission Verified
16 Slag Reaper Accomplishment Mission Verified
17 Agent of Discord Accomplishment Mission Verified
18 Soul Taker Accomplishment Mission Verified
19 Bad Luck Accomplishment Mission Verified
20 Exterminator Accomplishment Mission Verified
21 Skip Tracer Accomplishment Mission Verified
22 Portal Hopper Accomplishment Mission Verified
23 Party Crasher Accomplishment Mission Verified
24 Mage Hunter Accomplishment Mission Verified
25 Efficiency Expert Accomplishment Mission Verified
26 Couch Potato Accomplishment Mission Verified
388 Big Softie Accomplishment Mission Verified
405 Saved the World... For Later Accomplishment Task Force Verified
406 Recluse's Rival Accomplishment Enemy Defeats Verified
507 Member of Vanguard Accomplishment Rikti War Zone Verified
512 Apocalyptic Accomplishment Task/Strike Force Verified
628 Speed Demon Accomplishment Special Event Verified
629 Accelerated Accomplishment Special Event Verified
630 Qualified Accomplishment Special Event Verified
665 The Thief of Midnight Accomplishment Mission Verified
666 Midnight Squad Accomplishment Mission Verified
667 Lost Savior Accomplishment Mission Verified
668 Origin of Power Accomplishment Mission Verified
672 Temporal Strife Accomplishment Task Force Verified
715 Speeder Accomplishment Special Event Verified
716 Agile Accomplishment Special Event Verified
717 Surefooted Accomplishment Special Event Verified
1037 Bane of Ajax Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1038 Explosive Finale Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1039 Turf Protector Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1040 Singular Vision Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1041 Rule of Three Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1042 Dam Villain Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1149 Laureate Accomplishment Zone Event Verified
1150 Protester Accomplishment Zone Event Verified
1153 Takedown Artist Accomplishment Zone Event Verified
1154 Denial of Service Accomplishment Verified
1155 Moral High Ground Accomplishment Alignment Unobtained
1156 Tipped Off Accomplishment Alignment Verified
1157 Walking the Path Accomplishment Alignment Verified
1158 Ear to the Street Accomplishment Alignment Verified
1159 Streetwise Accomplishment Alignment Verified
1160 Well Informed Accomplishment Alignment Verified
1161 Inquisitor Accomplishment Alignment Verified
1162 Tested the Water Accomplishment Alignment Verified
1163 Made a Stand Accomplishment Alignment Verified
1164 Resistance Member Accomplishment Alignment Unobtained
1165 Loyalist Accomplishment Alignment Unobtained
1166 Initiate Accomplishment Incarnate Crafting Verified
1167 Empowered Accomplishment Incarnate Crafting Verified
1196 Pain Killer Accomplishment Trial Verified
1218 Avid Reader Accomplishment Verified
1298 Column Breaker Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1299 Arbiter Accomplishment Strike Force Verified
1337 Weapon Master Accomplishment Task / Strike Force Verified
1338 Alpha Struck Accomplishment Task / Strike Force Verified
1466 Helping Hand Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1467 Keeper of Coral Lore Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1509 Well Drinker Accomplishment Incarnate Crafting Verified
1510 Incarnate Accomplishment Incarnate Crafting Verified
1511 Accomplice Accomplishment Weekly Strike Target Verified
1512 Confederate Accomplishment Weekly Strike Target Verified
1513 Conspirator Accomplishment Weekly Strike Target Verified
1514 Burkholder's Bane Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1515 Positron's Betrayer Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1516 Synapse's Betrayer Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1517 Sister Psyche's Betrayer Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1518 Citadel's Betrayer Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1519 Manticore's Betrayer Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1520 Numina's Betrayer Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1521 Destroyer of Earth Accomplishment Trial Verified
1522 Transcendent Accomplishment Trial Verified
1523 Charmer Accomplishment Trial Verified
1524 Transmogrified Accomplishment Trial Verified
1525 Negotiator Accomplishment Mission Verified
1526 Spelunker Accomplishment Mission Verified
1527 Deadly Virus Accomplishment Mission Verified
1528 Spirit Warrior Accomplishment Mission Verified
1529 Pwnz Accomplishment Mission Verified
1530 Conqueror Accomplishment Mission Verified
1531 Mystical Adept Accomplishment Mission Verified
1532 Corrupter Accomplishment Mission Verified
1533 Saboteur Accomplishment Mission Verified
1534 The Doctor's Ally Accomplishment Mission Verified
1535 Frontline Accomplishment Mission Verified
1536 Emancipator Accomplishment Mission Verified
1537 Meteorologist Accomplishment Mission Verified
1538 Bodyguard Accomplishment Mission Verified
1539 Agent Accomplishment Mission Verified
1718 Land, Sea & Air Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1719 Promethean Accomplishment Strike Force Verified
1720 Behavior Adjuster Accomplishment Incarnate Trial Verified
1726 Lambda Leader Accomplishment Incarnate Trial Verified
1732 Keyes Technician Accomplishment Incarnate Trial Verified
1742 Underground Seeker Accomplishment Incarnate Trial Verified
1757 Savior of Atlas Park Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1758 Freedom Cracker Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1759 Shining Star Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1760 Brightest Sun Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1761 Supernova Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1762 Dark Heart Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1763 Blackened Soul Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1764 Face of Evil Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1766 Hydra Stomper Accomplishment Trial Verified
1801 Germinator Terminator Accomplishment Giant Monster Verified
1808 Knowledgeable Accomplishment Verified
1809 Spin Doctor Accomplishment Incarnate Trial Verified
1815 Mental Voyager Accomplishment Incarnate Trial Verified
1844 Death Denied Accomplishment Incarnate Trial Verified
1855 Sibling Rivalry Accomplishment Trial Verified
1868 Eye of Vengeance Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1869 The Determined Mentor Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1870 Knife Butcher Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1871 Hunter of Specters Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1872 The Timeless Adventurer Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1873 Heart of Hatred Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1874 Architect Writer Accomplishment Personal Story Mission Verified
1875 Bound for Glory Accomplishment Personal Story Mission Verified
1876 Nanite Man Accomplishment Personal Story Mission Verified
1877 Praetor Selfish Accomplishment Personal Story Mission Verified
1878 Cimeroran Hero Accomplishment Personal Story Mission Verified
1879 Truth Teller Accomplishment Personal Story Mission Verified
1897 The Once and Future King Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1898 One of the Eight Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1899 Imperial City's Savior Accomplishment Story Arc Verified
1900 Embodiment of Law Accomplishment Personal Story Mission Verified
1901 Enemy of the State Accomplishment Incarnate Trial Verified
1921 Penelope Yin's Betrayer Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1973 Alien Fighter Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1974 Portal Smasher Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1975 Destroyer of Strength Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1976 Thorn Crusher Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1977 Slayer of Madness Accomplishment Task Force Verified
1978 Cabalist Accomplishment Task Force Verified


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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Category Have?
49 Annihilator Achievement Enemy Defeats Verified
237 Firebug Achievement Mayhem Defeats Verified
240 Impounder Achievement Mayhem Defeats Verified
351 Fired Achievement Safeguard Defeats Verified
352 Blue Wire Achievement Safeguard Defeats Verified
353 Disgraced Deputy Achievement Safeguard Defeats Verified
354 Inside Man Achievement Safeguard Defeats Verified
355 Interceptor Achievement Safeguard Defeats Verified
517 Demolitionist Achievement Rikti War Zone Verified
610 Master of Ms. Liberty's Task Force Achievement Task Force - Master Verified
611 Master of Lord Recluse's Strike Force Achievement Strike Force - Master Verified
643 Master of the 5th Column Strike Force Achievement Strike Force - Master Verified
644 Master of the 5th Column Task Force Achievement Task Force - Master Verified
645 Master of the Imperious Task Force Achievement Task / Strike Force - Master Verified
1032 Seeker Achievement Badge Collection Verified
1033 Adventurer Achievement Badge Collection Verified
1034 Questing Achievement Badge Collection Verified
1035 Voyager Achievement Badge Collection Verified
1036 Master of Lady Grey's Task Force Achievement Task / Strike Force - Master Verified
1168 Gallant Achievement Alignment Verified
1169 Above the Law Achievement Alignment Verified
1170 Scoundrel Achievement Alignment Verified
1171 Dastardly Achievement Alignment Verified
1172 Heard the Call Achievement Alignment Verified
1173 Fearsome Achievement Alignment Verified
1174 Trickster Achievement Alignment Verified
1175 Frenzied Achievement Alignment Verified
1176 Ascended Achievement Alignment Verified
1177 Descended Achievement Alignment Verified
1178 Come Full Circle Achievement Alignment Verified
1179 Grass Is Greener Achievement Alignment Verified
1222 Lead-Follower Achievement Badge Collection Unobtained
1223 Extractor of Secrets Achievement Badge Collection Unobtained
1224 Knows the Truth Achievement Badge Collection Unobtained
1225 Knows He Knows Not Achievement Badge Collection Unobtained
1226 Emissary Achievement Badge Collection Unobtained
1227 Overachiever Achievement Badge Collection Unobtained
1228 Doer Achievement Badge Collection Unobtained
1229 Prepared Achievement Badge Collection Unobtained
1230 No Road Not Taken Achievement Badge Collection Unobtained
1231 Praetorian Professional Achievement Security/Threat Level Unobtained
1232 Survivor of Praetoria Achievement Security/Threat Level Unobtained
1233 Rift Traveler Achievement Security/Threat Level Unobtained
1234 Primal Praetorian Achievement Security/Threat Level Unobtained
1235 Praetor Achievement Security/Threat Level Unobtained
1236 Slammer Achievement Damage Endured Unobtained
1237 Big Dog Achievement Damage Endured Unobtained
1238 Laughs it Off Achievement Damage Endured Unobtained
1239 Iron Willed Achievement Damage Endured Unobtained
1240 Concussed Achievement Damage Endured Unobtained
1241 Marvel of Modern Medicine Achievement Damage Endured Unobtained
1242 Challenger of Gods Achievement Damage Endured Unobtained
1243 Repaired Achievement Debt Repayment Unobtained
1244 Went the Extra Mile Achievement Debt Repayment Unobtained
1245 Undaunted Achievement Debt Repayment Unobtained
1246 Impulsive Achievement Debt Repayment Unobtained
1247 Never Learns Achievement Debt Repayment Unobtained
1248 Infinite Lives Achievement Debt Repayment Unobtained
1249 Do Gooder Achievement Healing Unobtained
1250 Safekeeper Achievement Healing Unobtained
1251 Clutch Achievement Healing Unobtained
1252 To The Rescue Achievement Healing Unobtained
1253 Savior Achievement Healing Unobtained
1254 Death's Jailer Achievement Healing Unobtained
1255 Waiting Achievement Mezmerized Unobtained
1256 Locked Out Achievement Mezmerized Unobtained
1257 Trapped Achievement Mezmerized Unobtained
1258 Stuck Achievement Mezmerized Unobtained
1259 Can't Do That Achievement Mezmerized Unobtained
1260 Lagged Achievement Mezmerized Unobtained
1261 Who's Who Achievement Influence/Infamy/Information Unobtained
1262 Acclaimed Achievement Influence/Infamy/Information Unobtained
1263 Illustrious Achievement Influence/Infamy/Information Unobtained
1264 Renowned Achievement Influence/Infamy/Information Unobtained
1265 Living Legend Achievement Influence/Infamy/Information Unobtained
1266 The Chosen One Achievement Influence/Infamy/Information Unobtained
1267 Encourager Achievement Mentoring Unobtained
1268 Motivator Achievement Mentoring Unobtained
1269 Teacher Achievement Mentoring Unobtained
1270 Dean of Hard Knocks Achievement Mentoring Unobtained
1271 Philosopher Achievement Mentoring Unobtained
1272 Old-Timer Achievement Mentoring Unobtained
1339 Drone Protector Achievement Task / Strike Force Verified
1340 Arm's Length Achievement Task / Strike Force Verified
1341 Already Dead Achievement Task / Strike Force Verified
1342 Hacker Achievement Task / Strike Force Verified
1343 Midnight Dodger What Dodges At Midnight Achievement Task / Strike Force Verified
1344 Kitty's Got Claws Achievement Task / Strike Force Verified
1345 Army of Neu Achievement Task / Strike Force Verified
1346 Master of Apex's Task Force Achievement Task / Strike Force Verified
1347 Master of Tin Mage's Task Force Achievement Task / Strike Force Verified
1468 No One Left Behind Achievement Verified
1469 Connected Achievement Verified
1547 Troll Task Force Member Achievement Time Spent Verified
1548 Firebase Zulu Deserter Achievement Time Spent Verified
1555 Visitor Achievement Badge Collection Verified
1556 Native Achievement Badge Collection Verified
1557 Obsessed Achievement Badge Collection Verified
1558 Pathfinder Achievement Badge Collection Verified
1559 Stoic Achievement Damage Endured Verified
1560 Hard Case Achievement Damage Endured Verified
1561 Ironman Achievement Damage Endured Verified
1562 Unbreakable Achievement Damage Endured Verified
1563 Punch Drunk Achievement Debt Repayment Verified
1564 Unbroken Achievement Debt Repayment Verified
1565 Relentless Achievement Debt Repayment Verified
1566 Fixer Achievement Healing Verified
1567 Doc Achievement Healing Verified
1568 Mad Scientist Achievement Healing Verified
1569 Slacker Achievement Mezmerized Verified
1570 Sleepy Achievement Mezmerized Verified
1571 Dazed and Confused Achievement Mezmerized Verified
1572 Bling Achievement Influence/Infamy Verified
1573 Mr. Big Achievement Influence/Infamy Verified
1574 Midas Touch Achievement Influence/Infamy Verified
1575 Soldier Achievement Security/Threat Level Verified
1576 Insider Achievement Security/Threat Level Verified
1577 Wiseguy Achievement Security/Threat Level Verified
1578 Captain Achievement Security/Threat Level Verified
1579 Made Achievement Security/Threat Level Verified
1580 Comrade Achievement Mentoring Verified
1581 Drill Instructor Achievement Mentoring Verified
1582 Svengali Achievement Mentoring Verified
1721 Not On My Watch Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1722 Alarm Raiser Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1723 Gotta Keep 'Em Separated Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1724 Strong & Pretty Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1725 Master of the B.A.F. Achievement Incarnate Trial - Master Verified
1727 Synchronized Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1728 Well-Stocked Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1729 Antacid Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1730 Lambda Looter Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1731 Master of Lambda Sector Achievement Incarnate Trial - Master Verified
1733 Anti-Anti-Matter Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1734 Bunker Buster Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1735 Loves A Challenge Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1736 Avoids the Green Stuff Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1737 Master of Keyes Island Reactor Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1743 Regenerate This Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1744 Tour Guide Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1745 Preservation Specialist Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1746 Avatar Assassin Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1747 Master of the Underground Achievement Incarnate Trial - Master Verified
1767 The Cleanser Achievement Trial Challenge Verified
1768 Cadaver Counter Achievement Trial Challenge Verified
1810 News Flash Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1811 Fair & Balanced Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1812 Television Addict Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1813 Tonight's Top Story Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1814 Master of TPN Campus Achievement Incarnate Trial - Master Verified
1816 Dreamkiller Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1817 A Perfect Storm Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1818 Daylight Saver Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1819 Lost Connection to Server Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1820 Master of Minds of Mayhem Achievement Incarnate Trial - Master Verified
1834 Gifted Speaker Achievement Story Arc Verified
1835 False Prophet Achievement Story Arc Verified
1836 Steel Savior Achievement Mission Challenge Verified
1837 War Hero Achievement Story Arc Verified
1838 Deadly Combatant Achievement Verified
1839 Dignified Combatant Achievement Verified
1845 Spinebreaker Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1846 Sentinel Smasher Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1847 Sacrificial Lamb Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1848 Life and Death Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1849 Master of Dilemma Diabolique Achievement Incarnate Trial - Master Verified
1856 Brotherly Love Achievement Trial Challenge Verified
1857 Sidereal Researcher Achievement Trial Challenge Verified
1880 Time Saver Achievement Mission Challenge Verified
1881 Knows No Fear Achievement Mission Challenge Verified
1882 Lone Wolf Achievement Mission Challenge Verified
1883 Buddy Cop Achievement Mission Challenge Verified
1884 Incarnate Rival Achievement Mission Challenge Verified
1902 Triple Threat Achievement Incarnate Trial Unobtained
1903 Ready to Rumble Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1904 Shadow Master Achievement Incarnate Trial Verified
1905 The Hard Way Achievement Incarnate Trial Unobtained
1906 Master of Magisterium Achievement Incarnate Trial - Master Unobtained
1950 Nigh Indestructible Achievement Damage Endured Verified
1951 Invulnerable Achievement Damage Endured Verified
1952 Immortal Achievement Damage Endured Verified
1953 Deathless Achievement Debt Repayment Verified
1954 Undying Achievement Debt Repayment Verified
1955 Exalted Achievement Debt Repayment Verified
1956 Medical Specialist Achievement Healing Verified
1957 Medicine Man Achievement Healing Verified
1958 Empath Achievement Healing Verified
1959 Confined Achievement Mezmerized Verified
1960 Caged Achievement Mezmerized Verified
1961 Jailed Achievement Mezmerized Verified
1962 Trendsetter Achievement Influence/Infamy Verified
1963 Popular Achievement Influence/Infamy Verified
1964 Leader Achievement Influence/Infamy Verified
1965 Role Model Achievement Mentoring Verified
1966 Epitome Achievement Mentoring Verified
1967 Paradigm Achievement Mentoring Verified
1968 Trailblazer Achievement Badge Collection Verified


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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Category Have?
140 Thorn Robber Accolade Respec Trial Verified
141 Thorn Thief Accolade Respec Trial Verified
142 Thorn Usurper Accolade Respec Trial Verified
143 Mirage Accolade Patron Unobtained
144 Bloodletter Accolade Patron Verified
146 Spider's Kiss Accolade Patron Unobtained
147 The Stinger Accolade Patron Unobtained
222 Marshal Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
223 Headline Stealer Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
224 Born in Battle Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
225 High Pain Threshold Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
226 Demonic Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
227 Megalomaniac Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
238 Force of Nature Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
241 Invader Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
296 Task Force Abandoner Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
299 Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member Accolade Miscellaneous Verified
357 Force of Injustice Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
358 Stonehearted Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
468 Field Crafter Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
511 Watchman Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
642 Hell and Back Accolade Halloween 2009 Verified
648 Determined Accolade Loyalty Program Verified
749 Corrupt Commissioner Accolade Day Jobs Verified
750 Security Breach Accolade Day Jobs Verified
751 Border Crosser Accolade Day Jobs Verified
752 Free Trade Advocate Accolade Day Jobs Verified
753 Crackpot Accolade Day Jobs Verified
754 Physician Accolade Day Jobs Verified
755 Alchemist Accolade Day Jobs Verified
756 Black Ops Accolade Day Jobs Verified
757 Socialite Accolade Day Jobs Verified
758 Mercenary Accolade Day Jobs Verified
759 Time Lord Accolade Day Jobs Verified
760 Archaeologist Accolade Day Jobs Verified
761 Brood Leader Accolade Day Jobs Verified
762 Gladiator Accolade Day Jobs Verified
763 Trouble Maker Accolade Day Jobs Verified
764 Crey Scientist Accolade Day Jobs Verified
765 Web Weaver Accolade Day Jobs Verified
766 Profiteer Accolade Day Jobs Verified
767 Master Architect Accolade Day Jobs Verified
792 Mission Engineer Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
938 Mercy Mariner Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
943 Marcone Insider Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
947 Mad Science Supporter Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
952 Jumped the Shark Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
956 Nerva Navigator Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
961 Johnny's Go To Guy Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
966 Arachnos Spymaster Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
969 Atlas Tour Guide Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
973 Wincott's Betrayer Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
977 Galactic Explorer Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
981 Former PPD Stoolie Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
986 Canyon Carver Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
991 Sky Gazer Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
997 Citizen of Salamanca Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1003 Island Hopper Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1009 IP Address Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1016 Lost and Found Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1023 King of the Zig Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1031 Portal Corp Analyst Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1044 Faultline Finder Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1074 Alpha Unlocked Accolade Incarnate Slot Verified
1075 Judgement Unlocked Accolade Incarnate Slot Verified
1076 Interface Unlocked Accolade Incarnate Slot Verified
1077 Lore Unlocked Accolade Incarnate Slot Verified
1078 Destiny Unlocked Accolade Incarnate Slot Verified
1079 Hybrid Unlocked Accolade Incarnate Slot Verified
1084 Viva Praetoria Accolade Miscellaneous Verified
1085 Agent of Chaos Accolade Miscellaneous Verified
1094 Pure Praetorian Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1103 Emperor for a Day Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1112 Knows Nova's Nooks Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1121 Beneath the Empire Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1130 A Neu Man Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1139 Neu You Could Do It Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1219 Agent of Praetoria Accolade Miscellaneous Unobtained
1220 Praetoria's Son Accolade Miscellaneous Unobtained
1221 True to the Last Accolade Loyalty Program Unobtained
1297 Meticulous Accolade Halloween 2010 Verified
1331 Arena All-Star Accolade Arena Verified
1450 Perez Park Perfection Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1451 Boom... Goes the Town Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1452 A Light in Dark Astorias Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1453 Straight Through Striga Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1454 Crazy for Crey's Folly Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1455 All Your Firebase... Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1456 Cascade Cleansing Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1457 Can't Stop the Chant Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1458 Master Plumber Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1459 Apprentice Plumber Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1460 Utilities Commission Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1461 Adam in Waiting Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1462 Busy, Busy Bee Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1463 Storming the Palace Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1464 Touched Bottom Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1465 Honorary Monster Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1632 Bug Hunter Accolade Miscellaneous Unobtained
1633 Destined One Accolade Miscellaneous Verified
1634 Atlas Shrugged Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
1635 Conspiracy Theorist Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
1636 Portal Jockey Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
1637 Freedom Phalanx Fallen Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
1638 Archmage Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
1639 Vanguard Accolade Accolade Powers Verified
1643 Lost the Stalwart Medallion Accolade Verified
1644 Denied the Statesman Star Accolade Verified
1645 Stripped of the Freedom Cross Accolade Verified
1738 The Constant Accolade Loyalty Program Verified
1793 Prime Warden Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1867 Free Among the Dead Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1886 Destroyer of Despair Accolade Miscellaneous Verified
1891 Tempered Through Fire Accolade Loyalty Program Verified
1907 The Really Hard Way Accolade Incarnate Trial Unobtained
1916 Ethereal Drifter Accolade Zone Exploration Verified
1988 Ten times the Victor Accolade Miscellaneous Verified
1997 Geas of the Kind Ones Accolade Accolade Powers Verified


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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Have?
38 Grand Lanista Gladiator Verified
42 Lanista Gladiator Verified
63 Abomination Gladiator Verified
64 Anathema Gladiator Verified
65 Pariah Anchorite Gladiator Verified
66 Arachnobot Gladiator Verified
67 Arachnoid Gladiator Verified
68 Arch-Mage of Agony Gladiator Verified
69 Avalanche Shaman Gladiator Verified
70 Behemoth Overlord Gladiator Verified
71 Bladegrass Gladiator Verified
72 Boulder Gladiator Verified
73 Button Man Gunner Gladiator Verified
74 Caliban Gladiator Verified
75 Mook Capo Gladiator Verified
76 Cobra Gladiator Verified
77 Cog Gladiator Verified
78 Coralax Blue Hybrid Gladiator Verified
79 Crab Spider Longfang Gladiator Verified
80 Crane Enforcer Gladiator Verified
82 Fire Thorn Caster Gladiator Verified
83 Fortunata Seer Gladiator Verified
84 Fungoid Gladiator Verified
85 Gremlin Gladiator Verified
86 Hellfrost Gladiator Verified
87 Ink Man Gladiator Verified
88 Juicer Gladiator Verified
89 Hordeling Lasher Gladiator Verified
90 Kaolin Legacy of Earth Gladiator Verified
91 Ember Legacy of Flame Gladiator Verified
92 Lucent Legacy of Light Gladiator Verified
93 Longbow Warden 2 Gladiator Unobtained
94 Longbow Rifleman Gladiator Verified
95 Longbow Warden 1 Gladiator Verified
96 Meson Gladiator Verified
97 Mob Specialist Gladiator Verified
98 Mook Gladiator Verified
99 Mu Guardian Gladiator Verified
100 Nebula Elite Buckshot Gladiator Verified
101 Nemesis Soldier Gladiator Verified
102 Night Widow Gladiator Verified
103 Longbow Nullifier Gladiator Verified
104 Omega Wolf Gladiator Verified
105 7th Generation Paragon Protector Gladiator Verified
106 Penumbra Elite Adjutant Gladiator Verified
107 Night Haunt Gladiator Verified
108 Crey Power Tank Gladiator Verified
109 Hydra Protean Gladiator Verified
110 Raider Engineer Gladiator Verified
111 Red Hand Gladiator Verified
112 Research Assistant Gladiator Verified
113 Rikti Drone Gladiator Verified
114 Shivan Destroyer Gladiator Verified
115 Slag Pile Gladiator Verified
116 Outcast Slugger Gladiator Verified
117 Sorcerer Gladiator Verified
118 Longbow Spec-Ops Gladiator Verified
119 Steel Strongman Gladiator Verified
120 Swift Steel Gladiator Verified
121 Chief Swiper Gladiator Verified
122 Wolf Spider Tac Ops Gladiator Verified
123 Tank Smasher Gladiator Verified
124 Tarantula Gladiator Verified
125 Hercules Titan Gladiator Verified
126 Wailer Gladiator Verified
127 Wailer Queen Gladiator Verified
128 Zenith Warcry Mk I Gladiator Verified
129 Warhulk Gladiator Verified
130 Smasher Elite Gladiator Verified
131 Wolf Spider Enforcer Gladiator Verified
132 Wraith Gladiator Verified
214 Red Cap Gladiator Verified
215 Snowbeast Gladiator Verified
220 5th Columnist Gladiator Verified


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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Have?
305 Trustworthy Veteran Verified
308 Faithful Veteran Verified
311 Dependable Veteran Verified
315 Loyal Veteran Verified
320 Zealous Veteran Verified
324 Staunch Veteran Verified
327 Steadfast Veteran Verified
331 Devoted Veteran Verified
334 Dedicated Veteran Verified
337 Committed Veteran Verified
341 Unswerving Veteran Verified
344 Addicted Veteran Verified
502 Ardent Veteran Verified
505 Fervent Veteran Verified
632 Eternal Veteran Verified
634 Battle Hardened Veteran Verified
699 Tried and True Veteran Verified
706 Allegiant Veteran Verified
713 Abiding Veteran Verified
922 City Traveler Veteran Verified
924 Honorable Veteran Verified
926 Enduring Veteran Verified
930 Genuine Veteran Verified
932 Distinguished Veteran Verified
1047 Resolute Veteran Verified
1048 Purposeful Veteran Verified
1050 Uncompromising Veteran Verified
1053 Loyal Customer Veteran Verified
1055 Tenacious Veteran Verified
1056 Unshakable Veteran Verified
1058 Diligent Veteran Verified
1060 Persistent Veteran Verified
1769 Rookie Veteran Verified
1770 Radiant Veteran Verified
1773 1 Year Veteran Veteran Verified
1774 2 Year Veteran Veteran Verified
1775 3 Year Veteran Veteran Verified
1776 4 Year Veteran Veteran Verified
1777 5 Year Veteran Veteran Verified
1778 6 Year Veteran Veteran Verified
1779 7 Year Veteran Veteran Unobtained
1780 8 Year Veteran Veteran Unobtained


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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Category Have?
27 Reinforcement PVP PvP Verified
28 Agent Provocateur PVP PvP Verified
29 Irradiated PVP Time Spent Verified
39 Gunner PVP Zone Events Verified
41 Disruptor PVP PvP Unobtained
43 Forward Observer PVP PvP Unobtained
45 Master Thief PVP PvP Verified
46 Most Wanted PVP PvP Verified
47 Time Traveler PVP Time Spent Verified
48 Rocketman PVP Zone Events Verified
52 Raider PVP Time Spent Verified
60 Wanted PVP PvP Verified
61 Web Master PVP Time Spent Verified
274 Time Machinist PVP Recluse's Victory - Pillboxes Verified
275 Somewhere in Time PVP Recluse's Victory - Pillboxes Verified
276 Back From the Future PVP Recluse's Victory - Pillboxes Verified
277 Temporal Agent PVP Recluse's Victory - Heavies Verified
278 Temporal Spy PVP Recluse's Victory - Heavies Verified
279 Temporal Soldier PVP Recluse's Victory - Heavies Verified
283 Oppressor PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Heroes Verified
284 Destroyer PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Heroes Verified
285 Dead-eye PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Heroes Verified
286 Interrogator PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Heroes Verified
287 Breakneck PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Heroes Verified
288 Uppercut PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Heroes Verified
289 Arachnophobic PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Villains Verified
290 Wrangler PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Villains Verified
291 Poltergeist PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Villains Verified
292 Sandblasted PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Villains Verified
293 Shark Hunter PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Villains Verified
294 Blackguard PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Heroes Verified
295 Fallen Justiciar PVP Recluse's Victory - Signature Villains Verified
1306 Arena Victor PVP Arena - Match Types Verified
1311 Arena Duelist PVP Arena - Match Types Verified
1316 Tournament Victor PVP Arena - Match Types Verified
1321 Arena Survivalist PVP Arena - Match Types Verified
1326 Pentad Victor PVP Arena - Match Types Verified
1932 Strawweight Champion PVP Arena - Weight Class Verified
1933 Flyweight Champion PVP Arena - Weight Class Verified
1934 Bantamweight Champion PVP Arena - Weight Class Verified
1935 Featherweight Champion PVP Arena - Weight Class Verified
1936 Lightweight Champion PVP Arena - Weight Class Verified
1937 Welterweight Champion PVP Arena - Weight Class Verified
1938 Middleweight Champion PVP Arena - Weight Class Verified
1939 Cruiserweight Champion PVP Arena - Weight Class Verified
1940 Heavyweight Champion PVP Arena - Weight Class Verified
1941 Super Heavyweight Champion PVP Arena - Weight Class Verified


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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Category Have?
404 Inventor Inventions Invention Verified
416 Artisan Inventions Invention Verified
417 Master Artisan Inventions Invention Verified
418 Craftsman Inventions Invention Verified
419 Master Craftsman Inventions Invention Verified
420 Fabricator Inventions Invention Verified
423 Declining Inventions Memorization I Verified
424 Decaying Inventions Memorization II Verified
425 Despoiler Inventions Memorization III Verified
426 Dismantler Inventions Memorization IV Verified
427 Retrograde Inventions Memorization V Verified
428 Medicator Inventions Memorization I Verified
429 Mender Inventions Memorization II Verified
430 Rebuilder Inventions Memorization III Verified
431 Revivifier Inventions Memorization IV Verified
432 Reanimator Inventions Memorization V Verified
433 Armorer Inventions Memorization I Verified
434 Guardian Inventions Memorization II Verified
435 Protector Inventions Memorization III Verified
436 Security Inventions Memorization IV Verified
437 Defensive Inventions Memorization V Verified
438 Blinding Inventions Memorization I Verified
439 Beguiler Inventions Memorization II Verified
440 Charming Inventions Memorization III Verified
441 Charismatic Inventions Memorization IV Verified
442 Mesmerizer Inventions Memorization V Verified
443 Energy Conservationist Inventions Memorization I Verified
444 Battery Powered Inventions Memorization II Verified
445 Nuclear Powered Inventions Memorization III Verified
446 Mystically Powered Inventions Memorization IV Verified
447 Perpetual Inventions Memorization V Verified
448 Trigger Man Inventions Memorization I Verified
449 Hired Gun Inventions Memorization II Verified
450 Hit-Man Inventions Memorization III Verified
451 Sniper Inventions Memorization IV Verified
452 Sharpshooter Inventions Memorization V Verified
453 Major Inventions Memorization I Verified
454 Lt. Colonel Inventions Memorization II Verified
455 Colonel Inventions Memorization III Verified
456 Major General Inventions Memorization IV Verified
457 General Inventions Memorization V Verified
458 Munitionist Inventions Memorization I Verified
459 Weaponeer Inventions Memorization II Verified
460 Warhead Inventions Memorization III Verified
461 Arms Dealer Inventions Memorization IV Verified
462 Lord of War Inventions Memorization V Verified
463 Pilgrim Inventions Memorization I Verified
464 Vagabond Inventions Memorization II Verified
465 Wanderer Inventions Memorization III Verified
466 Walks the Earth Inventions Memorization IV Verified
467 Nomad Inventions Memorization V Verified


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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Category Have?
30 Electrician Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
33 Fort Knox Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
34 Gangbuster Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
35 Spectral Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
36 Pirate Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
37 Goon Squad Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
40 Hammerhead Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
44 Man in Black Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
50 Hammer Down Defeats Giant Monster Verified
53 Spider Smasher Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
54 Strike Buster Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
55 Surging Defeats Giant Monster Verified
56 The Mongoose Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
57 Coldhearted Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
58 HellBane Defeats Giant Monster Verified
59 Villain Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
62 Weed Whacker Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
228 Venomous Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
239 Hero Slayer Defeats Mayhem Defeats Verified
242 Outlaw Defeats Mayhem Defeats Verified
243 Safecracker Defeats Mayhem Defeats Verified
244 Vandal Defeats Mayhem Defeats Verified
280 Heat Seeker Defeats Zone Events Verified
281 Usurper Defeats Mission Verified
282 Archvillain Defeats Mission Verified
356 Villain Disruptor Defeats Safeguard Defeats Verified
407 Breathes Easy Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
508 Sentry Defeats Zone Event Verified
509 Bomb Specialist Defeats Zone Event Verified
510 Chief Defeats Zone Event Verified
527 Master At Arms Defeats Rikti War Zone Verified
673 Centurion Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
674 Roman Defeats Cimerora Verified
1043 Army of Me Defeats Verified
1180 Eye of the Storm Defeats Tip/Morality Defeats Verified
1181 Whip Cracker Defeats Tip/Morality Defeats Verified
1182 Merciless Defeats Tip/Morality Defeats Verified
1183 No Authority Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1184 Blindsider Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1185 Technophobe Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1186 Marked for Death Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1187 Resistance is Futile Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1188 Cannibal Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1189 Escapee Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1190 Redundant Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1542 Black Knight Defeats Zone Events Verified
1543 Devilfish Defeats Giant Monster Verified
1544 Volcanic Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1545 Visionary Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1546 Ectoplasmic Defeats Zone Events Verified
1583 Banisher Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1584 Tank Buster Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1585 Bonecrusher Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1586 Kill Skuls Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1587 Clockstopper Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1588 Demon Slayer Defeats Giant Monster Verified
1589 Dimensional Warder Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1590 Finder Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1591 Gearsmasher Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1592 Gravedigger Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1593 Hellspawned Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1594 Illusionist Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1595 Infiltrator Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1596 Keeper of Secrets Defeats Giant Monster Verified
1597 Legionnaire Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1598 Master of Olympus Defeats Giant Monster Verified
1599 Unleasher Defeats Giant Monster Verified
1600 Monkeywrencher Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1601 Privateer Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1602 Devourer of Earth Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1603 Isolator Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1604 Regenerator Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1605 The Silver Bullet Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1606 The Slayer Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1607 Soul Binder Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1608 Praetoria's Bane Defeats Mission Verified
1609 The Solution Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1610 Tracer Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1611 Untouchable Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1612 Unveiler Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1613 Cruel Warden Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1614 Weatherman Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1615 Zookeeper Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1795 Disappearing Act Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1796 Snooze Button Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1797 Show's Over Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1798 D.U.S.T. In The Wind Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1799 Chipped Talon Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1800 Full Spectrum Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1850 Apostate Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1851 Erasure Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1852 Silencer Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1853 Castigator Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1854 Exorcist Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1893 Watches the Watchers Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1894 Keeper of Beasts Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1895 Sorcerer's Apprentice Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1896 Lawbreaker Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1920 Positron's Nemesis Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1943 Fire Bane Defeats Zone Events Verified
1944 Firestomper Defeats Zone Events Verified
1946 Asbestos Defeats Zone Events Verified
1948 Raver Defeats Zone Events Verified
1949 Dee Jay Defeats Zone Events Verified
1989 Giant Killer Defeats Giant Monster Verified
1990 Pumpkin King Defeats Giant Monster Verified
1991 Believer Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1992 Cap Buster Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1993 Pumpkin Master Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1994 Bane of Dannan Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1995 Spellbinding Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified
1996 Haunted Defeats Enemy Defeats Verified


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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Category Have?
155 Jet-Setter Events Winter 2005 Verified
156 Scrooge Events Winter 2005 Verified
157 Toy Collector Events Winter 2005 Verified
209 Heart of Darkness Events Valentine's Verified
212 Handsome Events Valentine's Verified
213 Toothbreaker Events Valentine's Verified
219 Reveler Events Anniversary Unobtained
300 Ghost Touched Events Halloween 2006 Verified
301 Iron Warrior Events Halloween 2006 Verified
302 Elusive Events Anniversary - CoV Launch Unobtained
389 Miraculous Events Winter 2006 Verified
390 Joyful Events Winter 2006 Verified
391 Frosty Events Winter 2006 Verified
392 Crystallized Events Winter 2006 Verified
393 Cold Front Events Winter 2006 Verified
408 Partygoer Events Anniversary - Pocket D Verified
488 Merrymaker Events Anniversary Verified
513 Clothes Horse Events Halloween 2007 Verified
514 Fashionable Events Halloween 2007 Verified
515 Ostentatious Events Halloween 2007 Verified
631 Gifted Events Halloween 2007 Verified
636 Entertainer Events Anniversary Verified
637 Dark Fiend Events Halloween 2009 Verified
638 Hell Hath No Fury Events Halloween 2009 Verified
639 Terror Events Halloween 2009 Verified
640 Monster Masher Events Halloween 2009 Verified
641 Monstrous Events Halloween 2009 Verified
646 Festive Events Winter 2009 Verified
647 Lord of Winter Events Winter 2009 Verified
708 Glimpsed the Abyss Events Zombie Apocalypse Verified
709 Safety in Numbers Events Zombie Apocalypse Verified
710 Evil's Resident Events Zombie Apocalypse Verified
711 Apocalypse Survivor Events Zombie Apocalypse Verified
712 Frostbitten Events Winter 2008 Verified
934 Jubilant Events Anniversary Verified
935 Exultant Events Anniversary Verified
1291 Secured Events Halloween 2010 Verified
1292 Power Hungry Events Halloween 2010 Verified
1293 Artifact Destroyer Events Halloween 2010 Verified
1294 Veiled Events Halloween 2010 Verified
1295 Arriviste Events Halloween 2010 Verified
1296 Trusting Events Halloween 2010 Unobtained
1508 Cold as Ice Events Winter 2010 Verified
1540 Cold Warrior Events Winter 2004 Verified
1541 Frozen Fury Events Winter 2004 Verified
1549 Hallow Spirit Events Halloween 2004 Verified
1550 Hunter Events Halloween 2004 Verified
1551 Buster Events Halloween 2004 Verified
1552 Shifter Events Halloween 2004 Verified
1553 Dead Head Events Halloween 2004 Verified
1554 Malleus Events Halloween 2004 Verified
1631 Passport Events Miscellaneous Unobtained
1739 Lucky Events Anniversary Verified
1741 Defender of Primal Earth Events Praetorian Surge Event Verified
1821 Is There a Doctor in the House? Events Halloween 2011 Verified
1822 Tricked Out Events Halloween 2011 Verified
1823 It's Alive! Events Halloween 2011 Verified
1824 Gift Which Keeps Giving Events Winter 2011 Verified
1825 Gift Getter Events Winter 2011 Verified
1827 Doorbuster Events Verified
1830 Match Maker Events Valentine's 2012 Verified
1831 Missed Connection Events Valentine's 2012 Verified
1832 Widow Maker Events Valentine's 2012 Verified
1889 Rhapsodic Events Anniversary Verified
1890 A Nemesis Plot Events Nemesis Plot Invasion Event Verified
1922 Double Feature Events Summer 2012 Verified
1923 Hellenic Beauty Events Summer 2012 Verified
1924 Man's Best Friend Events Summer 2012 Verified
1925 Ninja Monkey Events Summer 2012 Verified
1926 Invictus Events Summer 2012 Verified
1927 The Perfect Hitter Events Summer 2012 Verified
1928 The Perfect Hacker Events Summer 2012 Verified
1929 The Perfect Grifter Events Summer 2012 Verified
1930 The Perfect Thief Events Summer 2012 Verified
1931 Roleplayer Events Summer 2012 Verified
1942 Celebrant Events Anniversary Unobtained


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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Category Have?
528 All For One, One For All Ouroboros Flashback - Limited Defeats Verified
529 Divided Mastery Ouroboros Flashback - Limited Defeats Verified
530 Proportional Supremacy Ouroboros Flashback - Limited Defeats Verified
531 Shared Victory Ouroboros Flashback - Limited Defeats Verified
535 Gold Medalist Ouroboros Flashback - Time Trial Verified
536 Silver Medalist Ouroboros Flashback - Time Trial Verified
537 Bronze Medalist Ouroboros Flashback - Time Trial Verified
541 Venturous Ouroboros Flashback - Team Debuff Verified
542 Headstrong Ouroboros Flashback - Team Debuff Verified
543 Adventurous Ouroboros Flashback - Team Debuff Verified
544 Daredevil Ouroboros Flashback - Team Debuff Verified
545 Rash Ouroboros Flashback - Team Debuff Verified
546 Venturesome Ouroboros Flashback - Team Debuff Verified
547 Reckless Ouroboros Flashback - Team Debuff Verified
548 Temerarious Ouroboros Flashback - Team Debuff Verified
549 Audacious Ouroboros Flashback - Enemy Buff Verified
550 Courageous Ouroboros Flashback - Enemy Buff Verified
551 Bold Ouroboros Flashback - Enemy Buff Verified
552 Fearless Ouroboros Flashback - Enemy Buff Verified
553 Valiant Ouroboros Flashback - Enemy Buff Verified
554 Stalwart Ouroboros Flashback - Enemy Buff Verified
555 Lionhearted Ouroboros Flashback - Enemy Buff Verified
556 Intrepid Ouroboros Flashback - Enemy Buff Verified
557 Contributor Ouroboros Flashback - Primary/Secondary Only Verified
558 Vocational Ouroboros Flashback - Primary/Secondary Only Verified
559 Professional Ouroboros Flashback - Primary/Secondary Only Verified
560 All Business Ouroboros Flashback - Primary/Secondary Only Verified
561 Archetypical Ouroboros Flashback - Primary/Secondary Only Verified
562 Obligated Ouroboros Flashback - Primary/Secondary Only Verified
563 Missionary Ouroboros Flashback - Primary/Secondary Only Verified
564 Undertaker Ouroboros Flashback - Primary/Secondary Only Verified
565 Refrained Ouroboros Flashback - No Travel Powers Verified
566 Shut Down Ouroboros Flashback - No Travel Powers Verified
567 Desisted Ouroboros Flashback - No Travel Powers Verified
568 Barred Ouroboros Flashback - No Travel Powers Verified
569 Still Ouroboros Flashback - No Travel Powers Verified
570 Stalled Ouroboros Flashback - No Travel Powers Verified
571 Stemmed Ouroboros Flashback - No Travel Powers Verified
572 Suspended Ouroboros Flashback - No Travel Powers Verified
573 Diminished Ouroboros Flashback - No Temp Powers Verified
574 Curtailed Ouroboros Flashback - No Temp Powers Verified
575 Capped Ouroboros Flashback - No Temp Powers Verified
576 Inhibited Ouroboros Flashback - No Temp Powers Verified
577 Hindered Ouroboros Flashback - No Temp Powers Verified
578 Bound Ouroboros Flashback - No Temp Powers Verified
579 Limited Ouroboros Flashback - No Temp Powers Verified
580 Demarcated Ouroboros Flashback - No Temp Powers Verified
581 Cut-Off Ouroboros Flashback - No Epic/Patron Powers Verified
582 Marginalized Ouroboros Flashback - No Epic/Patron Powers Verified
583 Cliche Ouroboros Flashback - No Inspirations Verified
584 Unimaginative Ouroboros Flashback - No Inspirations Verified
585 Flat Ouroboros Flashback - No Inspirations Verified
586 Unoriginal Ouroboros Flashback - No Inspirations Verified
587 Dull Ouroboros Flashback - No Inspirations Verified
588 Phoned it in Ouroboros Flashback - No Inspirations Verified
589 Indifferent Ouroboros Flashback - No Inspirations Verified
590 Uninspired Ouroboros Flashback - No Inspirations Verified
591 Lessened Ouroboros Flashback - No Enhancements Verified
592 Debilitated Ouroboros Flashback - No Enhancements Verified
593 Anemic Ouroboros Flashback - No Enhancements Verified
594 Weakened Ouroboros Flashback - No Enhancements Verified
595 Deflated Ouroboros Flashback - No Enhancements Verified
596 Decreased Ouroboros Flashback - No Enhancements Verified
597 Devalued Ouroboros Flashback - No Enhancements Verified
598 Unenhanced Ouroboros Flashback - No Enhancements Verified
599 Entrusted with the Secret Ouroboros Flashback Verified
600 Troubleshooter Ouroboros Flashback Verified
601 Adjuster Ouroboros Flashback Verified
602 Calibrator Ouroboros Flashback Verified
603 Alterist Ouroboros Flashback Verified
604 Balancer Ouroboros Flashback Verified
605 Correctionist Ouroboros Flashback Verified
606 Repairman Ouroboros Flashback Verified
607 Overhauler Ouroboros Flashback Verified
608 Time Fixer Ouroboros Flashback Verified
609 Ouroboros Mender Ouroboros Flashback Verified


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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Have?
469 Broker Wentworths Verified
470 Inspiring Wentworths Verified
471 Scrounger Wentworths Verified
472 Enhancer Wentworths Verified
473 Vendor Wentworths Verified
474 Salesman Wentworths Verified
475 Tradesman Wentworths Verified
476 Merchant Wentworths Verified
477 Peddler Wentworths Verified
478 Retailer Wentworths Verified
479 Dealer Wentworths Verified
480 Auctioneer Wentworths Verified
481 Businessman Wentworths Verified
482 Black Marketeer Wentworths Verified
483 Shopkeeper Wentworths Verified
484 Power Seller Wentworths Verified

Day Jobs

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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Have?
721 Architect Day Jobs Verified
722 Ousted Official Day Jobs Verified
723 Dirty Cop Day Jobs Verified
724 Fare Jumper Day Jobs Verified
725 Price Gouger Day Jobs Verified
726 Dimensional Plunderer Day Jobs Verified
727 Wage Slave Day Jobs Verified
728 Pain Specialist Day Jobs Verified
729 Professor Day Jobs Verified
730 Criminal Day Jobs Verified
731 Thief Day Jobs Verified
732 Clubber Day Jobs Verified
733 Marketeer Day Jobs Verified
734 Vanguard Recruit Day Jobs Verified
735 Chronologist Day Jobs Verified
736 Midnighter Day Jobs Verified
737 Pilot Day Jobs Verified
738 Duelist Day Jobs Verified
739 Fashion Designer Day Jobs Verified
740 Cimeroran Day Jobs Verified
741 Predator Day Jobs Verified
742 Monitor Duty Day Jobs Verified
743 Mortician Day Jobs Verified
744 Crey Employee Day Jobs Verified
745 Arachnos Official Day Jobs Verified
746 Arachnos Agent Day Jobs Verified
747 Smuggler Day Jobs Verified
748 Demagogue Day Jobs Verified
1781 D.U.S.T. Ranger Day Jobs Verified
1782 Scavenger Day Jobs Verified
1783 Psychologist Day Jobs Verified
1784 Survivalist Day Jobs Verified
1858 Cold Hand of Death Day Jobs Verified

Architect Entertainment

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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Category Have?
771 Gamer Architect Entertainment Published Verified
776 Ticket Taker Architect Entertainment Published Verified
781 Author Architect Entertainment Published Verified
786 Recognized Architect Entertainment Published Verified
793 Early Bird Architect Entertainment Published Verified
794 Admiring Architect Entertainment Published Verified
799 Virtual Victor Architect Entertainment Test Mode Verified
804 Poor Impulse Control Architect Entertainment Published Verified
809 Virtually Impulsive Architect Entertainment Test Mode Verified
819 Critic Architect Entertainment Published Verified
834 Customizer Architect Entertainment Mission Architect Verified
835 Bug Fixer Architect Entertainment Test Mode Verified
837 Energized Architect Entertainment Published Verified
842 Among Friends Architect Entertainment Test Mode Verified
848 Heroic Architect Entertainment Published Verified
853 Villainous Architect Entertainment Published Verified
858 Workaholic Architect Entertainment Published Verified
863 Virtual Victim Architect Entertainment Test Mode Verified
864 Payoff Architect Entertainment Published Verified
865 Architect X Architect Entertainment Mission Architect Verified
866 Architect XXV Architect Entertainment Mission Architect Verified
870 Extractor Architect Entertainment Published Verified
875 Virtual Extractor Architect Entertainment Test Mode Verified
880 Destructive Architect Entertainment Published Verified
885 Virtual Destruction Architect Entertainment Test Mode Verified
890 Assassin Architect Entertainment Published Verified
1193 Walks the Line Architect Entertainment Published Verified
1194 Cunning Architect Entertainment Published Verified