Titan Sentinel  

Titan Sentinel is Titan Network's customized character tracking utility that records the activities and Badges of your characters on our tracking service, City Info Tracker.

The application was built from the ground up to incorporate the changing needs and expectations of today's City of Heroes players and to provide some never-before-seen features to best enhance your gaming experience.

  • Run Titan Sentinel in the background as you play City of Heroes and it will record information and Badges for your characters.

  • Never miss a beat: keep Titan Sentinel up-to-date with its built-in automatic self-updating feature.

  • Track Badges as you earn them, or record them all at once with the new Personal Info tracking feature. Just type /info and you're good to go!

  • Extract your characters' builds as data chunks to use with Mids' Hero Designer.

Current version: 0.9.4q

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