Titan Sentinel

Welcome to Titan Sentinel, Titan Network's online character tracking utility for City of Heroes! This application runs in the background while you play City of Heroes, and provides many useful features to enhance your gaming experience.

This article will guide you through setting up the software for use.

Running the Program

Titan Sentinel is designed to work alongside City of Heroes, so in order for it to do anything useful, you need to have the game running as well. All interactions between the two programs are taken care of automatically. To run Titan Sentinel, simply un-zip it and run the .exe file.

The Data Files

Two kinds of data files are required for proper operation: the Build Manifest and the Mids information file. Both can be kept up to date by selecting the Update option from the Options or About views within the tracker.

The first time you run Titan Sentinel, you will be required to update these files.

Build Manifest

In order for Titan Sentinel to properly track information in the City of Heroes game client, it needs to know some information about how the game stores its own information, what kinds of Powersets are available for you to use, and which Badges can be tracked. All of this information is stored in a file called the Build Manifest, which will appear as "manifest.dat" in the same folder as Titan Sentinel.

The Build Manifest is required for the tracker to operate, and it must match the current version of City of Heroes. If you just downloaded Titan Sentinel and do not have a Build Manifest file, or if City of Heroes itself changes to a new version, you can download a new Build Manifest file at any time by selecting the Update option.

Note that new Build Manifest files may not be available immediately when City of Heroes is updated, but hopefully you'll never have to wait very long for one.

Mids information

Titan Sentinel can export character builds for use with Mids' Hero Designer, but certain pieces of information are specific to Mids' that must be accessible to the tracker as well. This information is stored in a file that will appear as "indexes.dat" in the same folder as Titan Sentinel.

Mids' information generally only changes with major game updates, so this file will not need to be updated very often. When it is, however, you can download a new one at any time by selecting the Update option.

Other Information

If you've gotten this far successfully, then you're all set to use to use Titan Sentinel! Head over to Window Layout to begin learning about the individual features, and be sure to check out Known Issues for the few problems you may encounter.

Good luck, and have fun!