Known Issues

There's a few things you should keep in mind when using Titan Sentinel:

Titles and Super Groups

Due to a discrepancy in expectations for City Info Tracker and Titan Sentinel, and a discovered performance hit on the CIT web server, tracking of character titles and Super Group names have been disabled for the time being. Every time you track a character with Titan Sentinel, these values will be reset.

Chat Tabs Required

If you don't have any chat tabs in the in-game chat window, Titan Sentinel will not detect your character. Make sure at least one chat tab is available in the game's chat window at all times.

Additionally, at least one chat tab needs to be receiving messages on the Rewards channel in order for Titan Sentinel to track Badges as they are earned.

Mids' Enhancements Missing

Over time, some powers have changed the Invention Enhancement Sets that they accept. Any disallowed Enhancements that were already slotted into those powers at the time the changes took place will still be slotted and function normally, but it is not possible to slot new disallowed Enhancements into these powers.

At the time of this writing, if you export your build for use with Mids' Hero Designer and it contains Enhancements that have since been disallowed, Mids' will not show that the Enhancements are slotted. This is an issue with Mids' and not Titan Sentinel.

Training Room at Low Priority

The Training Room test server often runs a different version of City of Heroes than the live servers do, and there may not be a Build Manifest file available for it at any given time. This also depends on our ability to access the server, as it will be impossible to produce a proper Build Manifest file during Issue closed betas or while the server is otherwise inaccessible.

Additionally, due to the volatile nature of Training Room's content (which is often protected by a non-disclosure agreement), characters cannot be tracked on City Info Tracker from this server.

English Only (for now)

Although the Build Manifest file contains information for English, German and French, only English is enabled in the tracker. It will take some extra work in the user interface and on City Info Tracker itself before German and French can be implemented.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but since you're reading this, hopefully it won't be too big a problem before we get the issue resolved.

Info Login Crash

Exactly once throughout the entire era of testing, a fatal error occurred that caused the program to crash. It could not be reproduced, and the program has changed significantly since then, but since the true nature of the bug could not be determined, it's not safe to say one way or the other if it still exists.

What we do know is that it happened while logging into the game with a character who logged out with their Personal Info window open. Subsequent tests under these circumstances did not produce any errors, but stay alert in case it happens to you.