About City Info Tracker

City Info Tracker is the child of two separate, but similar, City of Heroes/Villains fan sites: City Information Terminal and City Game Tracker.

We try to make keeping track of all your characters' information—badges, inf, level, etc.—easy to do! While it's possible to track your data manually, with Titan Sentinel you can track information automatically while playing the game and have it show up on our site.

So what do we offer?

Once you've started tracking your characters, we'll provide you with profile pages for each character, as well as give you the ability to upload custom images for each one! And since this data is all real time, as long as you're running Sentinel while you play, your stats are always up-to-date!

Not only that, but you also have a choice of custom avatars and signatures available to show off your spiffy badge count, or to let others know what your current in-game status is! It's the perfect solution to let your friends know when you're in-game, and what exactly you're playing!

That's great, but what if I don't want to use those?

Signatures and avatars not enough? We're also working to add complete portability to our data! We've already released a "private" XML feed that you can import into your own websites or applications, and our goal is to continue making as much data as possible accessible external to this website, to use as you please.