In-Game Comparison Report for Ancient Blade

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SetTitle Badge Art Badge Name Badge Type Location Have?
158 Lobbyist Exploration Bloody Bay Verified
159 Hungry Exploration Bloody Bay Verified
160 Imploding Exploration Bloody Bay Verified
161 Ghoulish Exploration Bloody Bay Verified
162 Sparky Exploration Cap Au Diable Verified
163 Media Junky Exploration Cap Au Diable Verified
164 Egghead Exploration Cap Au Diable Verified
165 Steamed Exploration Cap Au Diable Verified
166 Sweet Tooth Exploration Cap Au Diable Verified
167 Overlord Exploration Grandville Verified
168 Sewer Dweller Exploration Grandville Verified
169 Guttersnipe Exploration Grandville Verified
170 Master of the Airwaves Exploration Grandville Verified
171 Cesspool Exploration Mercy Island Verified
172 Snake Charmer Exploration Mercy Island Verified
173 Chum Exploration Mercy Island Verified
174 Fortified Exploration Mercy Island Verified
175 The Next Big Thing Exploration Mercy Island Verified
176 Widower Exploration Mercy Island Verified
177 Watcher on the Knoll Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
178 Locked and Loaded Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
179 Nerva Wreck Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
180 Primal Instinct Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
181 Tree Hugger Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
182 Scurvy Dog Exploration Port Oaks Verified
183 Washed Up Exploration Port Oaks Verified
184 Powder Monkey Exploration Port Oaks Verified
185 Driller Exploration Port Oaks Verified
186 Globetrotter Exploration Recluse's Victory Verified
187 Ragnarok Exploration Recluse's Victory Verified
188 Temporal Fighter Exploration Recluse's Victory Verified
189 Last Stand Exploration Recluse's Victory Verified
190 Razor Toothed Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
191 Forged by Hellfire Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
192 Freak of Nature Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
193 Pit Viper Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
194 Hangman Exploration Siren's Call Verified
195 Politician Exploration Siren's Call Verified
196 Broad Shoulders Exploration Siren's Call Verified
197 Piratical Exploration Siren's Call Verified
198 Deuces Wild Exploration St. Martial Verified
199 Paroled Exploration St. Martial Verified
200 Stonekeeper Exploration St. Martial Verified
201 Camel Snot Exploration St. Martial Verified
202 Jail Bird Exploration Breakout Verified
203 Weapon Inspector Exploration Warburg Verified
204 Tunnel Rat Exploration Warburg Verified
205 Triumphant Exploration Warburg Verified
245 Global Guardian Exploration Atlas Park (Mayhem) Verified
246 King Maker Exploration Kings Row (Mayhem) Verified
247 Road Raged Exploration Skyway City (Mayhem) Verified
248 Steel Worker Exploration Steel Canyon (Mayhem) Verified
249 Revolutionary Exploration Independence Port (Mayhem) Verified
250 Talon of Talos Exploration Talos Island (Mayhem) Verified
251 Brickhouse Exploration Brickstown (Mayhem) Verified
252 Libertarian Exploration Founders' Falls (Mayhem) Verified
253 Gate Closer Exploration Peregrine Island (Mayhem) Verified
347 Escape Artist Exploration Faultline Verified
348 Drowned Rat Exploration Faultline Verified
349 Old Fashioned Exploration Faultline Verified
350 Egg Hunter Exploration Faultline Verified
359 Heart of the City Exploration Atlas Park (Safeguard) Verified
360 King's Righteousness Exploration King's Row (Safeguard) Verified
361 Courage Driven Exploration Skyway City (Safeguard) Verified
362 Freedom's Defender Exploration Steel Canyon (Safeguard) Verified
363 Honorable Captain Exploration Independence Port (Safeguard) Verified
364 Talos' Might Exploration Talos Island (Safeguard) Verified
365 Cornerstone Exploration Brickstown (Safeguard) Verified
366 Founders' Protector Exploration Founders' Falls (Safeguard) Verified
367 Gatekeeper Exploration Peregrine Island (Safeguard) Verified
394 Cage Fighter Exploration Pocket D Verified
395 Big Time Exploration Pocket D Verified
403 Trucker Exploration Pocket D Verified
421 Reborn Exploration The Abyss Verified
422 Geneticist Exploration The Abyss Verified
489 Vanguard Operative Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
490 Trespasser Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
491 Powerful Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
492 Lifesaver Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
493 Under Fire Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
494 Base Jumper Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
495 Homewrecker Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
496 Luscious Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
497 Junkyard Dog Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
498 Scarred Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
499 Asunder Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
500 Unabashed Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
501 Eyewitness Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
613 Chrononaut Exploration Flashback Verified
669 Depths of Time Exploration Cimerora Verified
671 Midnighter Club Member Exploration Cimerora Verified
769 Thrill Seeker Exploration All MA Buildings Verified
936 First Rule Exploration Mercy Island Verified
937 Tiki Fan Exploration Mercy Island Verified
939 Long Walk Exploration Port Oaks Verified
940 Big Spider Exploration Port Oaks Verified
941 Commuter's Woe Exploration Port Oaks Verified
942 Hidden Getaway Exploration Port Oaks Verified
944 Doom Sayer Exploration Cap au Diable Verified
945 Master of Science Exploration Cap au Diable Verified
946 Circle Gazer Exploration Cap au Diable Verified
948 Sky Chaser Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
949 Unwelcome Guest Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
950 Sky Trader Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
951 Carping the Diem Exploration Sharkhead Isle Verified
953 Unethical Tourist Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
954 Blind Eye Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
955 Soother Exploration Nerva Archipelago Verified
957 Dead Man's Tree Exploration St. Martial Verified
958 Social Worker Exploration St. Martial Verified
959 Infamous Rubble Exploration St. Martial Verified
960 Showstopper Exploration St. Martial Verified
962 Passing Fab Exploration Grandville Verified
963 Image Crasher Exploration Grandville Verified
964 Line Holder Exploration Grandville Verified
965 Gutter Bait Exploration Grandville Verified
967 Edge of Chaos Exploration Atlas Park Verified
968 Observant Exploration Atlas Park Verified
970 Graffiti Communicator Exploration The Hollows Verified
971 Circle Seeker Exploration The Hollows Verified
972 Ironic Exploration The Hollows Verified
974 Galactic Fan Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
975 Eye of the Gemini Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
976 Orion's Belt Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
978 Wentworth History Buff Exploration Kings Row Verified
979 Pwned Exploration Kings Row Verified
980 Man of Vengeance Exploration Kings Row Verified
982 Dance Legend Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
983 Controversial Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
984 Pet Project Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
985 Dirty Attorney Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
987 Better Days Exploration Skyway City Verified
988 Room for Expansion Exploration Skyway City Verified
989 Left Behind Exploration Skyway City Verified
990 Bridge to Nowhere Exploration Skyway City Verified
992 Barrier Holder Exploration Croatoa Verified
993 Sally Sightseer Exploration Croatoa Verified
994 Jack's Wrath Exploration Croatoa Verified
995 Waylon's Observer Exploration Croatoa Verified
996 Midnighter's Perseverance Exploration Croatoa Verified
998 Last Line of Defense Exploration Talos Island Verified
999 The Old Me Exploration Talos Island Verified
1000 Bridge Holder Exploration Talos Island Verified
1001 Overtime Worker Exploration Talos Island Verified
1002 Spanky's Competitor Exploration Talos Island Verified
1004 Air Lifter Exploration Independence Port Verified
1005 Dead End Exploration Independence Port Verified
1006 Family Partier Exploration Independence Port Verified
1007 Connector Exploration Independence Port Verified
1008 Unlucky Exploration Independence Port Verified
1010 Guardian Angel Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1011 Losing Paradise Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1012 Watchful Eyes Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1013 Hamidon's Fury Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1014 Founders' Hero Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1015 Misunderstood Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1017 Flying Shark Exploration Brickstown Verified
1018 Fugitive Exploration Brickstown Verified
1019 Forward Thinker Exploration Brickstown Verified
1020 Secret Path Exploration Brickstown Verified
1021 Sixth Passenger Exploration Brickstown Verified
1022 Unsubtle Exploration Brickstown Verified
1024 Use Might for Right Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1025 Cause for Concern Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1026 Genetically Altered Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1027 Rikti Gone Wild Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1028 Shades of Arachnos Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1029 All-Seeing Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1030 Dark Omen Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1086 Ambitious Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1087 Citizen Cole Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1088 Civic Minded Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1089 Guardians of Justice Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1090 Into the Wild Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1091 Technophile Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1092 Un-Civil Society Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1093 On the Waterfront Exploration Nova Praetoria Verified
1095 Gold Digger Exploration Imperial City Verified
1096 Mercy Missionary Exploration Imperial City Verified
1097 Park Ranger Exploration Imperial City Verified
1098 Praetorian of Privilege Exploration Imperial City Verified
1099 Seen Exploration Imperial City Verified
1100 Seer Exploration Imperial City Verified
1101 Tiberian Overseer Exploration Imperial City Verified
1102 Tuned In Exploration Imperial City Verified
1104 Clockwork Mechanic Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1105 Disappeared Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1106 Ferryman of the Damned Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1107 Morbid Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1108 Secret Prisoner Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1109 Trainspotter Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1110 Urban Spelunker Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1111 Warrior at the Gate Exploration Underground Nova Verified
1113 Broken Mind Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1114 Condemning Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1115 Engineer Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1116 Eyes of the Dark Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1117 Hoarder Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1118 Lowlife Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1119 Silent Witness Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1120 Underground Explorer Exploration Underground Imperial Verified
1122 Airlift Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1123 Don't Drink It Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1124 Eyes to the Future Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1125 Longshoreman Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1126 Moar Power Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1127 Stockpiling Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1128 Stuff of Life Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1129 Urban Renewal Exploration Neutropolis Verified
1131 Binge Eater Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1132 Cluttered Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1133 Drink Enriche! Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1134 Grade F Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1135 Keeping the Lights On Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1136 Ready for Anything Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1137 Nailbiter Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1138 The New Boss Exploration Underground Neutropolis Verified
1140 River Rat Exploration Multiple Locations Verified
1141 Rail Rider Exploration Multiple Locations Verified
1142 Going Rouge Exploration Imperial City Verified
1348 Nebula's Memory Exploration Perez Park Verified
1349 Blood Moss Exploration Perez Park Verified
1350 Ophelia's Final Scene Exploration Perez Park Verified
1351 Towering Inferno Exploration Boomtown Verified
1352 Boomtown Troglodyte Exploration Boomtown Verified
1353 End of the Line Exploration Boomtown Verified
1354 Corpse Box Exploration Boomtown Verified
1355 Whisperer on Witchburn Hill Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1356 Phantom Radio Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1357 Too Dark Park Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1358 Astoria's Last Stand Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1359 The Sleeper Below Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1360 The Wolf's Snarl Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1361 Words of the Warrior Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1362 The Unnamed Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1363 The Wolf's Maw Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1364 Vampyri Watcher Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1365 Eyes of Nemesis Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1366 Hammer of the Rikti Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1367 Veni, Vidi, Vici Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1368 Crey Cares Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1369 Freak's Folly Exploration Creys' Folly Verified
1370 Cirque du'Freak Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1371 Defying Gravity Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1372 Dimensional Sojourner Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1373 Stormwatcher Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1374 Alpha Ranger Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1375 Shadow Architect Exploration Friebase Zulu Verified
1376 X-Ray Spectator Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1377 Dancer with Death Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1378 Shard Leaper Exploration Firebase Zulu Verified
1379 Castaway Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1380 Peace Walker Exploration Casecade Archipelago Verified
1381 Being and Nothingness Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1382 Hearing Voices Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1383 Liquid Memory Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1384 Usurper of Worlds Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1385 No Turning Back Now Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1386 The Heart of Memory Exploration Cascade Archipelago Verified
1387 King of Pain Exploration The Chantry Verified
1388 Unfettered Exploration The Chantry Verified
1389 Penitent Exploration The Chantry Verified
1390 Misbegotten Exploration The Chantry Verified
1391 Bereaved Exploration The Chantry Verified
1392 Dispossessed Exploration The Chantry Verified
1393 Red Fog Exploration The Chantry Verified
1394 Demiurge Exploration The Chantry Verified
1395 Boomtown Refugee Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1396 Hades Aspirant Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1397 Secret of the City Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1398 Sprawl Survivor Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1399 The Underlord Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1400 From Beneath You Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1401 Living Dark Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1402 Persephone Supplicant Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1403 Spirit of the City Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1404 Plutonian Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1405 Baumton Avenger Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1406 Sewer King Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1407 Sewer Stalker Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1408 Downward Bound Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1409 Terror of the Vahzilok Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1410 Seeker of the Lost Exploration Sewer Network Verified
1411 Guardian of the Volts Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1412 Danger! Danger! Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1413 Scrapheap of History Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1414 Power Walker Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1415 High Voltage! Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1416 Call of Nature Exploration Eden Verified
1417 Nature's Wrath Exploration Eden Verified
1418 Natural Law Exploration Eden Verified
1419 The Devouring Earth Abides Exploration Eden Verified
1420 Hive Mind Exploration Eden Verified
1421 Natural Selection Exploration Eden Verified
1422 Babe in the Woods Exploration The Hive Verified
1423 The Wounded Earth Exploration The Hive Verified
1424 Wild At Heart Exploration The Hive Verified
1425 Among the Giants Exploration The Hive Verified
1426 The Sound of Thunder Exploration The Hive Verified
1427 Forest of Stone Exploration The Hive Verified
1428 Courting Madness Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1429 Acolyte of Anger Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1430 Malice Aforethought Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1431 Tormented Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1432 Hate Machine Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1433 Fist of Fury Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1434 Eve of Destruction Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1435 Lord of Storms Exploration The Storm Palace Verified
1436 Here Be Dragons Exploration The Abyss Verified
1437 Caged Beast Exploration The Abyss Verified
1438 No Escape Exploration The Abyss Verified
1439 Hamidon's Ire Exploration The Abyss Verified
1440 The Tree of Woe Exploration The Abyss Verified
1441 Abyssal Gaze Exploration The Abyss Verified
1442 Monster Islander Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1443 The Roar of the Beast Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1444 Rikti Monkey Island Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1445 Monsters' Playthings Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1446 Dark Garden Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1447 Grim Fandango Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1448 Misfit Monstrosity Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1449 Monster Factory Exploration Monster Isle Verified
1646 Head of the Hydra Exploration Abandoned Sewer Network Verified
1647 Undefeated Exploration Atlas Park Verified
1648 Silent Sentinel Exploration Atlas Park Verified
1649 Hero Corps Insider Exploration Atlas Park Verified
1650 Patriot Exploration Atlas Park Verified
1651 Top Dog Exploration Atlas Park Verified
1652 Freedom Exploration Atlas Park Verified
1653 Shrouded Exploration Black Shroud Dimension Verified
1654 Phalanxer Exploration Boomtown Verified
1655 Regal Exploration Boomtown Verified
1656 Vision of Despair Exploration Boomtown Verified
1657 Destined for Valhalla Exploration Boomtown Verified
1658 Mystic Exploration Brickstown Verified
1659 Inmate Exploration Brickstown Verified
1660 Crey Watcher Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1661 Burning the Midnight Oil Exploration Crey's Folly Verified
1662 Dark Mystic Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1663 Seeker of the Unknown Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1664 Cairn Warder Exploration Echo: Dark Astoria Verified
1665 Crey Fish Exploration Eden Verified
1666 Unspoiled Exploration Eden Verified
1667 Undammed Exploration Faultline Verified
1668 Newsman Exploration Faultline Verified
1669 Faultless Mystic Exploration Faultline Verified
1670 Apex Exploration Faultline Verified
1671 Foggy Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1672 Chaotician Exploration Founders' Falls Verified
1673 Bird Watcher Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
1674 Blue Shield Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
1675 Brawler Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
1676 Tank Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
1677 Land Locked Exploration Echo: Galaxy City Verified
1678 Parapsychologist Exploration The Hollows Verified
1679 Seeker of Monsters Exploration The Hollows Verified
1680 Geologist Exploration The Hollows Verified
1681 Backwoodsman Exploration The Hollows Verified
1682 Gangland Fury Exploration The Hollows Verified
1683 Multidimensional Exploration Hydra Dimension Verified
1684 Crey Havoc Exploration Independence Port Verified
1685 Valorous Exploration Independence Port Verified
1686 Vigorous Exploration Independence Port Verified
1687 Summoned Exploration Kings Row Verified
1688 Upgraded Exploration Kings Row Verified
1689 Mystic King Exploration Kings Row Verified
1690 Keen Sighted Exploration Kings Row Verified
1691 Smokey Exploration Kings Row Verified
1692 Portal Parter Exploration Peregrine Island Verified
1693 Territorial Exploration Perez Park Verified
1694 Avatar Exploration Perez Park Verified
1695 Around the Bendis Exploration Perez Park Verified
1696 Doc Whedon Exploration Perez Park Verified
1697 Justice Avenger Exploration Perez Park Verified
1698 Ace Exploration Rikti War Zone Verified
1699 Purifier Exploration Skyway City Verified
1700 Solace Exploration Skyway City Verified
1701 Dauntless Exploration Skyway City Verified
1702 Healing Node Exploration Skyway City Verified
1703 Secret Admirer Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
1704 Hero Corps Recruit Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
1705 Nimble Mynx Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
1706 Bright Star Exploration Steel Canyon Verified
1707 Super Spy Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1708 Sea Dog Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1709 Vulcanologist Exploration Striga Isle Verified
1710 Minotaur Exploration Talos Island Verified
1711 Nature Lover Exploration Talos Island Verified
1712 Whitecap Exploration Talos Island Verified
1713 Conjunction Junction Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1714 Meltdown Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1715 Nervous Dreck Exploration Terra Volta Verified
1716 Time Bandit Exploration The Hive Verified
1717 Heart of the Hamidon Exploration The Hive Verified
1785 Dearly Departed Exploration First Ward Verified
1786 Eye of the Vortex Exploration First Ward Verified
1787 Fearless Insurgent Exploration First Ward Verified
1788 Shell Shocked Exploration First Ward Verified
1789 Mayhem's Prodigal Exploration First Ward Verified
1790 Shadow Walker Exploration First Ward Verified
1791 Vengeance Seeker Exploration First Ward Verified
1792 Witness for the Fallen Exploration First Ward Verified
1859 Folly's Victim Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1860 Palace of Stone Leaves Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1861 Auspice Avernus Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1862 Death's Head Supplicant Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1863 Walker on the Profane Ascent Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1864 Witness of Oaths Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1865 Life Out of Death Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1866 Of Things Unclean Exploration Dark Astoria Verified
1908 Nocturnal Pilgrim Exploration Night Ward Verified
1909 Happy Camper Exploration Night Ward Verified
1910 House Hunter Exploration Night Ward Verified
1911 Abandoned Soul Exploration Night Ward Verified
1912 Dead But Dreaming Exploration Night Ward Verified
1913 Follow the Light Exploration Night Ward Verified
1914 Monolithic Exploration Night Ward Verified
1915 Stargazer Exploration Night Ward Verified
1969 Grim Wanderer Exploration Croatoa Verified
1970 Spiritual Exploration Croatoa Verified
1971 Ensorcelled Exploration Croatoa Verified