Sentinel+ Extractor  

The Sentinel+ Extractor character export tool is used to export the character you are currently logged in as, including your character's name, server, powersets and slotting, inventories (enhancements, salvage, inspirations, influence/infamy, etc.), costumes, and other data. A complete snapshot of the character is created in XML format and includes a cryptographic checksum to ensure data integrity.

How to use

Download the executable and copy it into a directory. Load the game and log in to the character you wish to export, and open your info window by either:

  • Typing /info_self on the chat command line, or
  • Clicking Menu on your status/health display and choosing Personal Info from the popup menu.
If you run the utility without opening your personal information window first, the character will still be exported, but no badge information will be saved.

Now run the SentinelPlus.exe utility. If all goes well, you will see a console window with your global name, the server name, your character's name, and the name of the export file. A character export file will be created with the following name format:

[Global name].[Server name].[Character name].xml

Please note that if this file exists, it will be overwritten.

If there are any errors, such as the game client not being detected, the information window not being open, or any other errors, they will show in the console window.

Save this file for possible future imports and/or tools that will be compatible with this data format.

Current version: 1.1

Download now:

Example character export


Export screenshot

Info window not open
Oh noes, I forgot to open my info window first! Character saved, but without badges.

Version 1.1 Changelog

  • Fixed a bug that attempted to save files using special characters reserved on Windows file systems. The filename (which includes the global handle and character name) will now convert all of the following characters into underscores: \ / : * ? ' " < > |
  • Temporary and Inherent Powers are now exported.
  • Builds with zero powers (i.e., have never been selected) are no longer exported.
  • Newlines in the output files are now CR/LF rather than only LF. (Primarily benefits people viewing exports in Notepad.)
  • The code was reorganized and simlified, and is now slightly smaller.

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